Why get married? A question that people ask themselves many a time.What really are the benefits ?

Making it official gives the relationship substance….

Declaring your love for each other in front of family and friends then signing a legal document to agree to the terms of marriage,gives the relationship a meaningful certification that just living together would not.

A marriage contract adds a protective shell around the relationship when times get hard and the road becomes bumpy.It brings a bond of togetherness and security,to work as as one to resolve any issues and problems that may arise.

Sit back and relax

Marriage gives the couple a sense of rootedness and relaxation.Knowing that once the official ceremony is over with you can settle and sit back knowing that you have secured a long lasting, loving and lifetime relationship.

On a more practical note a marriage has many benefits with tax and health instances.

Children are cared and looked after more if a split should happen.

Lastly and most importantly,despite the stereotype of sex in married life,married people actually enjoy the experience far more often than single people.

John from a successful wedding band in Surrey said ” I have seen so many weddings and amazing days of two people celebrating life and love.

Marriage is without a doubt the best experience a couple can share.

It joins two people together to become one strong force,truly amazing”.






A trip down memory lane to see the developments of Birminghams Jewellery Quarter. A buzzing environment filled with shops,restaurants and bars,so much to see and do

The Jewellery quarter in 2016.Whats new ?

Having being born and bred in Birmingham . I had made many a visit to the jewellery quarter,mainly in the nineties to buy various pieces of jewellery. In the nineties jewellery was very popular.

Back then there was nothing more than jewellers and pubs.

It was always a quick trip ,never more than a couple of hours. Gold was a big thing then.Everyone wore chains,hoop earrings and gold stamped rings.

It was always a fascinating place to visit with so much choice.

Outside of the jewellery shops there was not much else.Maybe a couple of cafes, a few old traditional pubs.You would never consider a visit there unless it was for jewellery.

So a trip to the Quarter now ,what has changed in 2016

Well how shocked and surprised i was with my trip to the Jewellery Quarter Birmingham.

The Quarter has spread from the original main high street to many side streets filled with independant stores.Anything from antique furniture,coffee shops,fashion,hair salons.

The restaurants were plenty.Italian,French,Chinese.

The old traditional pubs have been thoughtfully restored back to there original features.Offering amazing menus and traditional ales.

This is definitley worth a day trip even if you have no interest in jewellery,there is so much more to see and do.

The Jam house has a fantastic line up of love acts to entertain you through an evening.

A la carte restaurants with stunning ingenious menus on offer.

I was so pleasantly surprised and proud to have this ever growing cultural suberb village on my doorstep and look forward to many more trips in the years ahead.




What you need to start making metal hand stamped jewellery

If you are thinking about making and creating your own hand stamped metal jewellery then here is a helpful list of the tools you will need to get you going

Hand punch aluminium blanks

With a smooth edge and a protective layer these will need a lot less work to polish.


Start with aluminium metal as this is the cheapest and easiest to work with.Copper and stainless steel would be the next materials once you feel confident to move on with your metal pressing.

Laser cut aluminium blanks

The aluminium is darker ,also you will need to file away a small nobble either side.They are finished with a mirror shine.

Hammer,hole punch,steel block and tape

Brass is the best type of hammer to work with as its absorbs the shock.A steel block is required to absorb the shock and stop the tamp double imprinting on the blank.

There are various hole punches to choose from ,a power punch has 7 different size dies that you can change so this may be the best first option.

Masking tape will stop anything moving.It will also help you line up the letters.

Sided nail buffer

The cheapest way to polish your stamp is to use this as it can work through 1-4 grades.

Inking and colouring your stamp

A sharpie or paint pen is the easiest and cheapest way to colour aluminium.


Metal tumbling is used for a variety of finishing processes.It is carried out using a rotary rock tumbler.You can use washing up liquid with the bearings to clean and finish the stampings.


Furniture trends for 2016.Looking at the latest designs and ideas on room designs with an industrial background

Vintage industrial home and decor trends for 2016

Probably the best way to describe this years trend is industrial chic.Its all about stone flooring,brick walls,Galvanised steel and reclaimed wooden pieces.

Designers are encouraging people to experiment with vintage.

Lighting,flooring and industrial vintage furniture that would of been originally used in a manufacturing environment.

This look is perfect for town house,condo or loft apartment properties.


Lanterns,lighting,glass and copper lighting

Its important to get the lighting right as this can set the tone instantly for interior design.

There are an endless variety of options for industrial lighting.Old ship lanterns are popular at the moment form the 1930’s.

Copper,glass and polished steel are an immediate way of adding that industrial feel to your chosen space.


Worn wooden flooring and brick walls are a source to be reckoned with

By hunting around salvage yards,flea markets and online sources you may be luck enough to source old wooden flooring.The old wooden flooring from the industrial era is now what we call the weathered look and what everyone wants at the moment.

Its worth the search,if can find this type of flooring it will totally transform your space.

Another gem is fire clayed bricks.Use this bare brick as a central focal point and this will totally transform your space to an industrialised environment.

Dont forget if the building your are converting is old enough you may be able to expose the walls and clean it up and finish with a sealant to give the it that historical look.


How much fun can a children’s christmas be.Think it was more for the adults than the kids.

We wish you a merry christmas and a happy new year !

It was coming to that crazy time of year again.Running round like headless chickens trying to find those last minute presents for people you have forgotten.

To top it all you volunteer to organise a christmas party for your children and all of there friends.Just to add even more stress to this chaotic season.

As soon as i committed to this i regretted it.I really did not have much time to spare but knew i had to offer some sort of a party so as not to let the children down.

Pleasant surprise and so rewarding

I wanted to keep this party as simple as could be.I hired a local hall.Found a children’s entertainer and DJ.

To add a bit of fun we hired a chocolate fountain and candy floss machine from a local catering equipment Birmingham based hire company.

Well what a fantastic time we had.Everyone brought food and wine.

From what was supposed to be a 2 hr party for the children ended up being a 6 hr dance session with lots of laughter.

We played christmas themed party games.Dance competitions.Santa paid us a visit.It was so much fun.

To see the children laughing and smiling was absolutely fantastic and so rewarding.

From something i was stressed over and did not have any time for turned out to be an event i will totally engage in every year to make it even better than the year before.




So pleased with my new position “head buyer” in the furniture industry

No more 9-5 desk job for me, i’m on the road!

Having worked very hard in the furniture industry i have finally been accepted  job offer as a buyer for a very highly respected furniture business.

My job will take me on many adventures far and wide to source cutting edge designs in the furniture world.

My first European trade show experience was a blast

One of the main exhibitions that is historically respected in the furniture trade is based in Italy.The Italians are the very best at fine design of furniture pieces.The show is the place to be to see top designs and find whats new and innovative ideas to explore.

The exhibition went way past my expectations and i was utterly thrilled at the level of display and design that was created.Even the exhibition stand ideas thew me.The creative skills were at there best to show off and display fine furniture.

I absolutely loved my experience here and this is only a taste of what is to come over the coming months.

I have came back with a variety of new and exciting pieces that i am sure will impress my peers.

So what is next?

My next show is planned for 4 weeks time in Barcelona.I now have the task of collating supplier details and prices.Checking delivery dates and factory visits.

I feel so confident that i have found a new collection that will knock the socks off my my new employees !

Want your grand opening to be that killer event of the year ? Follow our tips to help and fill you with ideas and inspiration.

Looking for something a bit different ? Want your guests to always remember your grand opening event ?

grand opening

So after months of hard work and preparation your business is ready to open its doors.From a marketing point this is where the work begins.

With preparation and careful planning you make the opening the “must see” event of the year and have potential customers flooding to your doors.

You need to make every effort to build a loyal and vast customer base from this event to make it worth while.the opening event can involve any number of marketing tools.

Create an external sign package,let your passers buy know what is on offer on that day.Use any type of promotional item,balloons,inflatables,billboards.


Invite VIP guests,local persons of authority,business leaders or celebrities.

Organise a ribbon cutting ceremony.

ribbon cutting

Add live music,sound and lighting will attract many new customers by creating a buzzing environment.

Give out free prizes,everyone loves a freebie !


Hire a photographer,log you opening event online and widen the news of your business opening.

Here are some examples of successful opening events from previous years.

water eventConsulting rooms Leicester

garnd opening 2 Beauty salon Derby

grand 3 Barbers salon Loughborough

grand 4 Sound and vision store Burton







Fine examples of successful e commerce websites.Information and guide to design and content needed to make your website appealing

So you are about to create your own website. At a loss for ideas,the layout,colours and content ? Look at our selection of what can make your website unique and eye catching as well as successful.

au-lit-fine-linens  ecommerce-website-design-mayer



Website design is the most important part of your marketing tool.The layout needs to clear and easy to follow.

The most successful e commerce sites are simple yet informative.It should have a clear purpose.It will more likely sell more products and services,so it is a very important factor.

Think about what your customer is looking for,products? services ? Do you need interaction,add images,videos.

E commerce sites need to sell,they need to have clear images and a nice design .Persuasive script and very clear information with benefits of what the customer is going to benefit from buying from you.



The history of online gambling,when it started and how it has developed in recent years


The internet has had a large effect on many industries but none more so than the gambling world.With the help of the internet online gambling has become a business worth billions of dollars every day.

There are hundreds of gambling sites out there now,all you need is an internet connection and you can play poker,casino games and many more.

1996 is where it all began

Online sporting betting began very shortly after online casinos started.The first main site to open was Intertops with many more following very soon after.It began with gamblers placing wagers on sporting events and soon became very popular all around the world and the industry took off.

bookies.com bet365 skybet

The online betting sites were very competitive and sites soon offered bonus systems and free bets to entice gamblers new and old.

2000 was a big year as a new site was about to rock the online betting world.


Betfair was different,unlike most gambling sites Betfair did not take bets from customers itself but instead allowed gamblers to place bets between themselves.

Gambler to gambler this became very popular almost instantly and still is to this day.

It became know as the exchange betting system and although other sites have opened Betfair remains the most dominant in the market.

Whats new?

Football accumulator betting is one of the most popular new systems to be on the increase as it involves a world wide sport that remains most popular and works on a simple system of football accumulator predictions that if win can be very profitable.





My lifetime dream is about to come true.My grand opening day has arrived ! Street treats is open and ready for business

Make your dreams come true


The day has finally arrived,i cant believe it.For many years i has wished and dreamt of running my own tea rooms with fresh home made cakes and sandwiches. It always seemed a distant dream and something i could never really do on my own and how could i ever afford it ?

Positive thinking and determination prevailed

It started only six months ago after chatting with friends and one particular friend questioning,well why cant you do it ?

She was so right.I knew i would be 100% dedicated and would give all i had to get this up and running. So my journey started.My biggest hurdle was finances.I didn’t have any.After a little investigation and a few begs i had agreed a business loan with my bank.it wasn’t massive but it was enough to open my shop and make a start.

Saving ££££

The biggest surprise of all was finding a local supplier who hired out all of my kitchen goods.Finding a local hire company who specialised in catering equipment west bromich was what really helped me open my cafe doors.

Food for thought

tea room

Six months on and i have never looked back.I can proudly say i own a successful and highly renowned tea rooms that is about to expand and grow to lunch and dinner menus with a new chef.

Who would of thought it, me a business owner.If i can do it anybody can.

Coventry stadium demolished,10 years on,a look back on how the stadium was demolished and its last few days of being open.

Ten years ago Coventry city played there last match on the ground that had been there home for over 100 years.

Derby County 6-2 !! A fantastic way to end the history of the stadium back in April 2005.

cov city outside

Based on the fringe of the city centre it was always at the heart of coventry city life, until the council made the decision to make room for e new residential housing development and an expert demolition company in Birmingham were called in.

cov city 1  cov city dem 2 cov city 4

The demolition took a matter of months.Heres what was involved in the demolition process.

2 ultra high reach machines

8 excavators

dump trucks

30,000 tonnes of reinforced concrete was processed on site

the existing top soil was utilised for the new development of housing.

2,500 tonnes of steel was taken down and recycled

10 excavators 1.0-120 tonnes

A wide variety of demolition attachements,shears,crackers,breakers,processors and crushing crew

30 asbestos removal strips

As Highfield Road stands now

cov housing

With the clubs move to the Ricoh arena it did not bring Coventry City much success.The team faced further relegation in 2012 and may be relegated again to league two for the first time in their history.

It is said that the move from Highfield road has ‘torn the heart out of the city” and will never be the same again.

The move seen a big drop in supporters,from 30,000 fans to an average of 1000.

The passion and excitement had gone.


Now all that can be seen is blocks of houses,no more cheers and chants can be heard.

Some things do suffer with change.


Easy guide,how to build a bird aviary.Ideas and instructions

A little history of birds as pets

Since Egyptian times birds have been kept as pets. The budgie is probably one of the most popular pet bird amongst the birds,they are renowned for there very friendly nature.There are a variety of pet birds spread across the globe to choose from.

No matter what species you decide upon,a bird owner will usually start off with one bird and slowly develop the numbers and breeds and find themselves looking for a larger aviary.

An aviary has so many more benefits compared to a small bird cage.Birds are built to fly and leaving them in a small cage would not be in any way good for birds physical health and emotional happiness.

As a bird owner you will notice a remarkable difference when you transfer your bird from a cage to an aviary. The extra space allows you to also increase the number pf birds you own and enables you as the owner to have much better interaction and contact enabling you to really tame your bird by feeding them close up.


bird aviary 1  bird aviary 2  bird aviary 3  birs aviary 4

There are various designs to choose from.Here are just a few examples of what is available for your birds.

Below is a basic guide on how to build a rectangular aviary,hope it helps

aviary base

The base, you will need a solid concrete base to build your aviary onto.If you are a confident hand man this is a straight forward process.

aviary frame

Timber solid frame, this can be constructed by buying solid wooden beams.Most wood supplies will cut the beams to your specified dimensions for a small charge which can save you time.

aviary fin

Wire mesh netting. A great way to line the frame is to use a wire mesh.The mesh is very weather resilient and the birds like to hang on this to.It can be bought in meter rolls and cut to specified lengths.It s easily tacked with a small hook nails.

aviary inserts

Finally adding the finishing touches.There are some really good accessories available to make your birds home feel like a fun,comforting place to live.

Also add plants and small tress to give the bird a feeling of a more natural environment.

Now your bird aviary is complete ! This would be the most cost effective way of supplying a large space for your birds and will give you so much more satisfaction aswell as the birds.


First time buyer ? A quick guide to what a mortgage adviser can provide to make your first experience seamless

How to make your first time buying experience affordable and pain free


Such a daunting experience when you delve into the unknown abyss of mortgages and buying property for the first time.a mortgage adviser can help you purchase your ideal first home from advising on the following :

Found your dream home ? help to make an offer

Research the current mortgage market to get the best deal to suit you

Recommend a solicitor

Complete all paperwork for you

Prompt liasing with lender to ensure a quick mortgage offer

Arrange all protection and insurances and make sure they commence at the correct times.

Mortgages Birmingham

Moving home ? A helpful checklist of jobs to do before you move

Found your dream home ?


Moving home as exciting as it is , it can also be one of the most stressful times in your life. Follow this checklist to help you tick all boxes to a fully organised move.


Clear out all junk.Be harsh,do not take anything with you that you know will not be used.


Change of address,notify schools,banks,pensions,employers,council tax,DVLA.


Set up a post redirection service


Source a good removal company.Ask friends for any recommended companies that have been tried and used.


Removals – find a company such as A Man With A Van London


Legal team/conveyance service. You will need a legal team to make the move happen seamlessly and without additional stress .Keep your search local eg solicitor in solihull.

Again ask around,your estate agents may recommend someone they use which can not always be to your advantage.


Follow these easy steps and you are on your way to an organised move to your new home.

Moving home – need a mortgage ?

Mortgage advisors,here to help

home move



Moving home can be one of the most stressful experiences we can go through in our lives.To find a reliable ,trustworthy mortgage advisor can make the process so much easier.

Let the mortgage advisors do all of the hard work for you.They can source the best rates out there for you aswell as making the application process smooth and efficient.

Stage one – Free consultation

Stage two – Mortgage search

Stage three – Manage paperwork and application through to completion.

Customer reviews :

Mr and Mrs Smith,Birmingham,Nov 2015 – We moved house in November,we were so happy with R M Solutions.They are a mortgage advisors based in Birmingham.They made the process so smooth.Everything was explained so clearly and carefully.We have recommended this company to many of our friends who have all had positive experiences.

Mr and Mrs Patel,Manchester,Jan 2016 – Excellent service,hassle free and would recommend to my family and friends.





Move house or convert loft dilemma

Should we stay or should we go ?

Aways a big debate in any growing household, what is the most efficient step forward when feeling the need for more space with an ever expanding family. Do we move to a larger property or extend.

The first step was to look at the property we currently own.We created a check list asking various questions, were we happy with the location ? Excellent local schools ? Good commuting facilities ?

Well our home ticked all of the boxes.So once the decision was made to stay in our home the next step was to convert.We started our search for a well trusted and experienced builder.

After much research the decision was made so easy with the advice from a loft conversion company based in Birmingham.They supplied us with a very competitive quote and a lot of guidance as to time scales and informative insights into the process of the building work.

No regrets

A loft conversion was definitley the right way forward for us and have no regrets for staying in our beautiful home.


Top tip when looking for a new home: Underfloor Heating

Why is Underfloor Heating so important when buying a new home?

When looking out for new a new home you want to look for newer modern features that will make your home more efficient and ensure you wont need to be paying out more and money to get repairs or pay unnecessary bills. Like one thing that can seriously effect the sale of a house is the condition of their heating. No one wants to have to constantly pay for a serviceman to come out and fix your boiler again. So, when you look for a new home the best thing to look for is underfloor heating. It’s a great alternative that stops you from paying loads of money on heating bills and boiler maintenance.

Where can I get Underfloor Heating?

However, if you can’t find a home with underfloor heating you could always just get on installed before you get moved in. You can use this amazing company called Underfloor Heating Systems Ltd who have been in the business of underfloor heating for over a decade now and now how to get the job done right. They will make sure you know how to use and control your home heating and not leave with you being confused or conflicted with your underfloor heating. It’s a fantastic alternative to conventional heating systems and something you should definitley look out for when looking for a new home.


Contemporary Luxury Property Now Available


Here we have a fantastic real estate property that has just become available through Globrider that is not yet available to the public market.

Featuring 6 spacious open-plan bedrooms with en-suites, 3 reception rooms, 4 bathrooms, a games room, gym, spa, sauna, outdoor seating area, outdoor swimming pool, 1.6 acres of gardens and a roof terrace – this is a unique opportunity to own a special property that doesn’t come around very often.

Guide Price: £18,500,000

Please contact us for further information or to arrange a viewing.